Tips to Help Your Child Understand Cremation


Explaining the loss of a loved one to your child is never easy. When that loved one has opted for their remains to be cremated, you may face even more of a challenge. Your child won't get to see the casket being buried in the ground or attend an open casket wake. However, there are still ways to explain cremation to your child in a way that is honest, yet comforting.

16 May 2019

Watch A Light Show While Your Skin Is Beautified With LED Lights


LED light therapy can be beneficial for someone that has acne, has wounds on their face, or has wrinkled skin on their stomach, legs, or elsewhere. If you are interested in this, below is some information about LED light therapy to help you make the best-informed decision if it is something you would like to do.  Rejuvenates Your Skin LED light comes in two different colors: blue and red. Red light aids in skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen that plumps up the skin.

4 February 2016

Relying On Help From A Geriatric Care Manager


It isn't uncommon to find yourself faced with making decisions about what is best for an aging family member. You might even desire the input of an objective third party. A geriatric care manager is a professional who can assess your loved one's particular situation and then provide recommendations. Generally, a geriatric care manager offers advice and support in helping families cope with either the gradual or sudden changes that aging brings into their lives.

16 December 2015

What Should You Know About Your Amniotic Fluid?


If you've recently found out that you and your partner are expecting your first child, you may feel equal parts excitement and apprehension. Being pregnant can be a time full of joy -- and full of worries about whether your unborn child is safe and healthy. One biological factor that can have a major impact on your unborn child's development is the level and quality of your amniotic fluid. Read on to learn more about this fluid and how it protects your child, as well as what low or high amniotic fluid levels can indicate and how to improve your own readings.

11 September 2015

3 Tips for Preparing Your Elderly Parent's Home for an Oxygen Tank


Do you have an elderly parent who has recently been prescribed an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator? While oxygen devices can provide a valuable service in helping your parent stay in their home, the devices also present some unique challenges. First, they heighten the risk of a fire. Any time there is a heightened level of oxygen in the air, the risk of fire usually increases. The devices also make your parents more dependent on electricity, as a power outage would likely shut down the concentrator or ventilator.

17 June 2015

Could Your Child Be Failing In School Because Of Sleep Apnea?


The brain depends on oxygen and rest to develop properly and carry out critical thinking processes. However, not being able to breathe at night while asleep can pose serious consequences for the brain's oxygen supply you may not be aware of in your child. If your child seems tired all day and is not faring well in school, you might consider sleep apnea and its side effects: Pediatric Sleep Apnea

9 March 2015

Myths And Misconceptions About Working In Funeral Homes


Considering a mortuary science degree may have you facing several myths and misconceptions about funeral homes and what to expect from working in one. Some of these myths have been around for years while others are simply made up to frighten newcomers as a rite of passage into the mortuary world. If you are serious about a career in funeral services, consider these myths and misconceptions and the truth surrounding each one.

5 February 2015

Can Patients With Diabetes-Induced Cataracts Wear Contacts?


You may need to stop wearing contacts if you develop cataracts as a result of diabetes. With serious cataracts, your contacts will not help your vision very much. You may also not be able to wear contacts due to how diabetes causes dryness of the eyes. Diabetes and Cataracts are Interrelated One of the long-term effects of diabetes is that it can cause one of your eye lenses to become cloudy.

2 February 2015

3 Ways To Keep Your Child's School Uniforms Looking Clean And Bright


One of the best things about wearing uniforms at school is that your child never really has to think about what to put on each day. The downside is that uniforms are worn day after day and week after week, and they do not look very good after a while. Air Dry First, never put the clothes in the dryer no matter how much easier it makes ironing. Air drying the clothes will allow the colors to stay as bright and as crisp as possible.

27 January 2015

Three Super Foods For Your Growing Muscles


If you are trying out for a major sport, it is important to feed your muscles. You cannot rely on exercise alone to improve your muscle strength, you must also rely on a healthy diet that targets muscle growth. In order to be better prepared for the try outs that are coming up, you need to feed your muscles with carbs, proteins and other vital vitamins. The foods that are listed below will feed your muscle and make them stronger while giving you endurance.

20 January 2015