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Tips For Caring For Yourself During Lung Cancer Treatment

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A lung cancer diagnosis is never a welcomed experience, but modern medicine has provided several treatment options to turn an adverse prognosis into a positive outcome. While these treatments have markedly positive results, how well you take care of, yourself can play a role in the success of the treatment. Learn more about how to care for yourself during treatment.

Eat Well

Now is the time to stock up on healthy food options. Fresh vegetables, fruit, and low-fat meats should replace high-fat and processed foods. What you eat will broadly impact how your body feels, and unhealthy foods will often lead to less energy. Also, lung cancer treatment can weaken your immune system, making you more prone to illness. However, a diet rich in vegetables can boost your immune system.

Stay Active

Depending on the type of lung cancer treatment you undergo, you might feel weak and more tired than usual, but it is important to remain as active as possible. Staying active improves your overall health and helps you undergo the treatment process better. To determine what level of exercise is best for you, speak with your health provider, as the type of lung cancer you have might determine what level of exertion you can undergo. 


Engage in exercise, but at the same time, look for ways to relax when you can. Relaxation techniques can include anything from lighting a candle in your room to taking a bath to going to the spa. Lung cancer treatment can put the body in a heightened state of physical stress. Physical stress can increase the risk of secondary concerns, such as infection or high blood pressure. Keeping yourself as relaxed as possible can keep you healthier during treatment.

Socially Engage

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is not an easy adjustment, but one of the worst things you can do is to withdraw socially. Spending time with loved ones and friends is vital for many reasons. First, it lowers stress; the less stressed you are, the healthier you will be for treatment. Second, social interaction offers a great way to disengage from your current circumstances, which is excellent for mental health.

Protect Your Lungs

Although it is last on the list, protecting your lungs should be your primary goal. Cancer can cause complete cellular destruction to the lungs. Contributing factors, such as smoking, extend and exacerbate this damage. If you are currently smoking, now is the time to stop, as continuing to smoke will only lessen the effectiveness of the treatment.

Proper cancer care is critical as you treat this awful disease. Keep all these tips in mind as you plan your care and treatment. 

For more information about lung cancer care, contact a local doctor. 


3 April 2023