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How Can Group Therapy Sessions Benefit Someone Who Has Undergone A Traumatic Experience?

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A traumatic experience like going through an abusive relationship or unexpectedly losing a friend or family member can have lasting consequences on the way that you think and process emotions. Some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder after a traumatic event in their lives, and they may have trouble trusting people or may habitually avoid potentially stressful situations.

If you've gone through a traumatic situation and are having difficulty processing it, one avenue that can help is to attend group therapy. Group therapy for trauma provides a supportive environment where you can discuss your feelings with others who have also gone through trauma in their lives. To learn how group therapy can help you overcome a traumatic event, read on.

Allows You to Start Developing Your Ability to Trust

Trauma survivors may have difficulty trusting other people again, especially if the trauma involved long-term physical or emotional abuse. Group therapy for trauma gives you an open, non-judgmental environment that can help you overcome these feelings and learn to trust again. During therapy sessions, you'll discuss your trauma and your reaction to it with others who know what you're going through, and in turn, you'll listen to their stories. Sharing your experience with others can be cathartic, and it can also help improve your ability to open up to friends and family members about the trauma that you went through.

Enables You to Share Your Experience in an Understanding Setting

Opening up about your trauma in a group therapy session can also give you validation, which is important if you feel that your friends and family members are downplaying what you went through and don't see why it had such an effect on you. Since your fellow group members have gone through trauma of their own, they have first-hand experience of how trauma can significantly affect your ability to live your life without fear. Other people in your life may not have gone through trauma, so they have no personal knowledge of its possible psychological effects. During group therapy, you'll be able to discuss your feelings in an understanding environment.

Connects You With Others Who Are Also Healing From Trauma

Group therapy connects you with other trauma survivors, allowing you to support each other while you try to overcome the effect that trauma had on your lives. You and your fellow group members can share skills that have helped you cope with stressful situations in the past, and you can also discuss strategies about how to talk to friends and family members about your trauma. The social support you'll find in a group therapy session will provide you with a base that you can use to help overcome your trauma.

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4 August 2023