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Signs You Could Benefit From Pelvic Floor Therapy

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The first time you hear of a practitioner offering pelvic floor therapy, you might be a little perplexed. But if you think about it, offering therapy for the pelvic floor makes a lot of sense. Your pelvic floor is nothing more than a group of muscles that work together to support the organs in your pelvic cavity, regulate the function of these organs, and assist with your overall posture. Therapy can help strengthen and tone these pelvic floor muscles. But what are the signs that you could benefit from pelvic floor therapy? Take a look.

Urinary Incontinence

Do you find that your urine continues to dribble for a little while after you stop purposefully urinating? Maybe you also notice leakage when you laugh, jump, or move in a certain way. Urinary incontinence is pretty common in women who have given birth, but it can happen to anyone. A pelvic floor therapist can show you exercises that help strengthen the muscles associated with urine flow. Many people are able to get away from wearing panty liners and pads after a few months of therapy.

Feelings of Weakness When Defecating

Do you feel like you are straining more than usual when you defecate? You may only be able to "push" in short bursts, or you might feel like you can't get enough power behind your pushes. This is often a symptom of pelvic floor weakness. Some therapy can help you push more effectively, which can help ease constipation and also make using the toilet easier for you.

Pain During Intercourse

If you are a woman, you may notice that intercourse is uncomfortable. You may feel like you can't engage for very long without soreness, or you may find you are always sore the next day. In either case, you likely need some pelvic floor therapy to strengthen the muscles down there so they're better able to stretch, keep their tone, and recover from sex.

Urges to Urinate

If you get a strong sense that you have to urinate but only pass a few drops, this could indicate you have a UTI. But if your doctor rules that out and the symptoms still remain, it could be that you have a weak pelvic floor. Working with a physical therapist to strengthen those muscles will allow you to better gauge when you really do have to go number one.

Pelvic floor therapy can give you relief from the struggles above. It truly is something to explore.


17 May 2023