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How to Bring More Customers Into Your Dispensary

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Once a medical cannabis patient is given their prescription, they can shop at any medical dispensary they please within their state. So, how can you encourage more of those customers to visit your medical dispensary? Here are a few ideas.

Feature a new strain each week.

New medical marijuana patients, in particular, are often excited to try out new strains and see how various strains affect them. So, featuring a new strain each week gives them an easy way to learn about and try these strains. You can create a big display for the featured strain, print out some brochures with information about it, and make sure your budtenders know the ins and outs of that strain to share with visitors. Offer a small discount on the strain of the week, if possible. Customers may come in for the first time to try some of your strains of the week and then return for other products later on.

Host Q&A sessions.

Your budtenders are great sources of knowledge, but sometimes customers feel self-conscious about taking up their time and asking a lot of questions during a visit. So, hosting question and answer sessions gives new and existing customers a chance to ask questions without this worry. Advertise your sessions on social media, and you'll probably attract plenty of new prescription holders who are trying to learn more about cannabis. If you hand out coupons for a small discount to everyone who attends, there's a good chance many of the attendees will come back and buy from your dispensary.

Sell something other than cannabis.

Obviously, cannabis is the heart of your dispensary visit. But if you can offer some other products that your customers may enjoy, they are likely to choose you over the competition. Some good "extra" items that you may want to carry include:

  • Other herbs that can be used for medical and therapeutic purposes
  • Incense and various incense burners that can be used for relaxation
  • Cannabis-related decor
  • Cannabis-related clothing

Consider offering a discount on some of these items for customers who spend more than a certain amount on cannabis. For instance, you could offer $5 off an apparel purchase for customers who buy $30 or more of cannabis.

With these ideas, you should be able to attract more customers to your cannabis dispensary. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with a few different strategies here and there.

To find out more ideas, visit a local dispensary such as Frontier Medicine, LLC.


24 February 2022