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3 Ways To Help A Loved One Struggling With Substance Abuse

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Having a family member, friend, or partner dealing with substance abuse issues can be a difficult situation. Addiction often takes a physical, emotional, and psychological toll on the individuals struggling with it.

The effects of addiction can also affect those close to the addicted individuals, causing stress and strain on relationships. However, it helps for your loved one to have someone providing support during this challenging time. Here are 3 ways to help a loved one struggling with substance use.

Build Trust and Understand Your Loved One's Perspective

Chances are that your loved one will be in denial about having an addiction problem. The addiction might be the one constant your loved one runs to for comfort and a sense of peace. Having someone to open up to and freely share the struggle with substance abuse can help your loved one come to terms with the addiction.

In many cases, your loved one might have been chastised for the substance abuse problem. It will be easy for your loved one to shut down emotionally if there is a fear of feeling attacked while talking to you. By understanding your loved one's perspective and building trust, it makes it easier for your loved one to openly receive any support, encouragement, or advice related to the substance abuse problem.

Learn About the Addiction and Substance

It helps to learn more about the substance abuse issue to be in a better position to understand what your loved one might be going through. Addiction to different types of substances can result in completely different side effects and reactions. For example, while they are all stimulants, the stages of cocaine abuse might differ widely from those of methamphetamine abuse for different individuals.

Manage Your Expectations

It is important to understand that helping someone overcome substance abuse could take months to years. By understanding the limitations and opportunities that come up throughout the process, you can be better equipped to help your loved one. Addiction treatment can be a very emotional process that requires you to continuously support your loved one even in times where your loved one does not cooperate.

As a source of support for your loved one, it also helps for you to keep your own mental, physical, and emotional health in good standing. Only then can you provide the necessary support to help your loved one overcome a substance abuse problem.

For more information, contact a substance abuse treatment center.


4 December 2020