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Tips For Preventing Childhood Ear Infections

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If you have a child, then you are probably used to viruses cropping up and causing issues throughout the year. Infections can be common as well and this is especially true when it comes to the ear. The incidence of ear infections is likely to reduce significantly as your child gets older. In the meantime, there are a few things you can try to keep them from recurring.

Invest In The Flu Shot

Children will typically experience between about eight and ten colds each and every year. They are also likely to contract the flu, especially when they start visiting a daycare center or begin grammar school.

If you want to reduce the incidence of ear infections, then you also need to minimize the number of viruses that your child experienced. When your child experiences a viral infection, the sinus cavities, throat, nose, tonsils, and lymph tissues all swell as the immune system mounts a defense against the microorganisms. 

The swelling can partially close off the eustachian tubes that allow fluid to drain from the ear. When the fluid accumulates, bacteria are often trapped in the process and they will multiply. Since the immune system is stressed due to the virus, the bacteria will often cause an infection before white blood cells can engulf all of the microorganisms.

This means that it is wise to keep your child healthy and free of viral illnesses. A yearly flu shot given during the fall season can help. Also, good hand washing practices and rules that keep your child from sharing food are advisable too. 

Clean The Ears Properly

Dirty ears can lead to ear infections. Skin cells and debris accumulate in the ear canal and mix with ear wax. This can cause a blockage that keeps fluid from draining and bacteria can start to build up as well.

This means that proper ear cleaning practices can be followed to keep the buildup from occurring in the first place. Use a washcloth, soap, and water to clean the outside of the ear as well as the ear canal opening. You should wash a small amount inside the ear canal. However, you should not use cotton swabs inside the ear. 

Cotton swabs can damage the sensitive ear canal and this can lead to inflammation. Also, the swabs can force the wax to lodge deeper in the ear canal where a blockage is more likely.

Ear wax also contains some antibacterial agents, so it is best to leave small accumulations of the wax in the ear canal where it can help fight off bacteria naturally. 

If you want to know more about childhood ear infections and the types of things you can do to prevent them, speak with your family doctor.


30 May 2018