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Three Reasons Why Pet Boarding Services Require Fully Completed Registration Forms

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Most people would agree that having a dog is akin to having a child. They are every bit as much work and nearly as expensive to care for. No truer words apply when you compare the registration forms you have to fill out for childcare or a pet boarding service. Why are there so many forms? Why do the pet boarding houses require so much detailed history for your pet? The following reasons will answer those questions.

The Health of Your Pet Affects the Health of Others

If your pet is not vaccinated, has a contagious illness, or carries fleas and ticks, it puts the health of other animals in the boarding house in jeopardy. While you would not intentionally seek to harm other people's pets, it is important to understand these requirements and make sure your pet is quite healthy before you board him/her. The extensive health records also allow boarding house staff to know if your pet has allergies to any particular kind of food, or if your pet has a special medical condition that has to be monitored.

Pet Temperaments Are Important Too

Pets, like people, will not get along with everybody. In fact, it is rare for any pet to get along with everyone and every animal it meets. Such happy-go-lucky personalities still find other pets that would rather be left alone, and then a different sort of problem ensues. The extensive paperwork that asks you to describe your pet's likes, dislikes, habits, and temperament are required so that your pet can be paired up with new buddies that will not be upset or roused to attack. Pet boarding houses want to be sure everyone gets along and all the pets have a good time either playing together or just playing with staff.

What Your Pet Can and Cannot Do

Additionally, it is helpful to fill out the form in regards to the skills your pet has learned or clever things your pet knows how to do. For example, does your cat know how to open a cantilever door? Is your puppy fully housebroken, or are you still working on that? The staff at most pet boarding houses want to know because then they can prepare in advance for the skills and tricks your pet knows and does or cannot do. While the stories of the escaping kitty or the lunch-stealing dog are funny, it can still turn into a scary situation if staff is not expecting it.

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3 March 2018