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4 Signs You May Need Testosterone Therapy

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Getting older is a part of life. However, you can remain looking and feeling younger for a lengthy amount of time by doing certain things. It's extremely common for males to suffer from low testosterone as the years continue to pass. It's ideal to know some of the warning signs that can instantly alert you if you fall into this category and if you should consider testosterone therapy:

Sign #1:  Decreased sex drive

One of the first symptoms of having low testosterone for a man is being unable to get an erection. This is due to the changes in the body and can be one of the more frustrating situations to handle.

Not being capable of having an erection can drastically diminish the desire for sex. Investing time in getting testosterone treatment is one of the ideal ways to tackle this unwanted condition.

Sign #2: Hair loss

If you notice your hair isn't as thick as it once was, this could be due to having a lower than average amount of testosterone. It's common for the hair to begin to fall out and this can either leave you with thinning hair or potentially be bald at a younger age.

Sign #3: Fatigue

Do you feel tired a great deal and just too overwhelmed to tackle the day? If so, you could be suffering from this medical condition and getting therapy is the ideal way to help you have more energy.

Sign #4: Low semen count

You may still be trying to have kids at a later time in life. However, if your efforts aren't paying off, this could be due to lack of testosterone in your body.

The best way to determine if this is the case is by having the proper tests conducted at your local doctor's office. 

Sign #5: Loss of muscle mass

It's essential to have the right amount of muscles to assist your body remaining in the best possible condition. Numerous other benefits of muscle mass include being stronger and burning off calories at a faster rate.

One of the most effective ways for you to maintain your muscles as you do age is by taking time to do strength training.

Knowing some of the numerous warning signs that can occur to any man can be helpful in addressing this problem. Be sure to work with a medical provider in your area today to discuss beginning testosterone therapy!


9 November 2017