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Really Want To Prevent Osteoporosis? Go For A Range Of Strategies

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No one wants to develop osteoporosis, but it often seems like people don't want to do anything about it, either. Low activity levels and relatively poor diets still seem to be a regular part of many people's lives. A common misperception is that getting enough calcium -- or what you think is enough calcium -- will be enough to stave off development of the disease. However, everyone's body is different, and for best results, you need a range of strategies.

Yes, Get Calcium

First, yes, you should have an adequate amount of calcium in your diet. It's best to get the calcium in batches because your body can absorb only so much at once. But some milk or cheese at one meal, broccoli or another calcium-containing vegetable at a couple of meals, and maybe a supplement if you have issues digesting a source of calcium like dairy foods, are all advisable.

Unless you have a condition that prevents you from eating a particular food (such as a dairy allergy), try for a wide variety of foods rather than just relying on one. In other words, even if you love dairy foods, don't rely solely on those for your calcium. Add in leafy greens and broccoli, beans, and even fortified grains or drinks. And don't go overboard, either. Too much calcium won't help you, and in fact, it could harm you.

Fun in the Sun

Vitamin D has recently emerged as a major health booster, and vitamin D deficiencies are a concern among people who don't get a lot of sunlight. Technically, you have to spend only a short amount of time in sunlight to get the vitamin D you need. But for people who are sun-sensitive or who live in areas where they still can't get enough sunlight (such as northern latitudes, especially in winter), a supplement may be in order. Have your doctor do a test to see what your vitamin D levels are and go from there. You can get some supplementation in food, but if your levels are very low, a daily supplement is in order.

Sorry. Exercise, Too

Yes, yes, a life of leisure for you. Everyone wants to relax. Luckily, the exercise you need to do to help strengthen your bones doesn't have to be at bodybuilder levels. Take walks, do a few calisthenics in the morning, and play a sport you really like -- all of those will help. If you want more guidance, your doctor and an physical therapist or a physical trainer who specializes in exercise as a disease prevention tool can help you put together a program that you like and actually want to do.

Don't treat your bones or your age as enemies to be controlled. You're literally all in this together. Talk to your doctor about creating an anti-osteoporosis plan that you can easily do every day.


4 October 2017