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Three Alternatives To Pain Medication For Chronic Lower Back Pain

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Chronic lower back pain is something that many people live with. Surgery is not always an option, and even when it is available, it is not always successful. If you are someone with persistent lower back pain, you are likely taking pain medication. But there are alternatives that can provide relief. Some of it may complement your medication, but it may also reduce your dependence on pain medication. The following are three alternatives to consider.

Reducing weight through dieting

Losing weight in the front part of your body, especially the belly area, can reduce the stress placed on your lower back. Of course, exercise to lose weight is not always an option, so you must focus on reducing your intake of calories. But if you have a lot of belly fat, you will likely benefit from weight loss. This type of pain relief will prove helpful to those with pain due to the muscles in the lower back rather than the lower spine.

Stretching exercises

This can be helpful for those with pain coming from a herniated disc. These discs are located between the vertebrae of your spine. Although the inside of these discs is soft tissue, the outside of the discs is made of strong fibrous material. If there is a rupture in the hard material, the soft tissue can protrude out of the disc. This can result in extreme pain. However, with the right stretching technique, pressure placed on this disc can be reduced; therefore, your pain will reduce. The trick is knowing exactly where the rupture is located, and then which stretching movement will do the most good. A doctor who sees an x-ray of your lower back can help you with the exact stretch to reduce your pain.

See a chiropractor

At the heart of chiropractic treatment is the adjustment made to your spine. This is often done with the hand after positioning your body correctly. A rapid movement of the hand realigns the spine into its natural position. This adjustment will result in reduced pressure to the nerves along your spine, so you will experience pain relief. Sometimes the source of your lower back pain can be higher up in your spine, but it is with the help of a chiropractor that a spinal misalignment can be found and adjusted.

Naturally, your first stop for lower back pain should be your primary care physician, but what your doctor can do for your pain is often limited. There are strong pain medications, but they can be addictive, so you want to limit their use or avoid them altogether. The three alternatives listed above are worth pursuing.


29 July 2017