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Knee Pain Due To Arthritis? 2 Tips To Help You Feel Better

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If you have a lot of knee pain due to arthritis, this can be hard to deal with. Even if you are on medication, you can still feel pain at times. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help relieve some of your pain to help you feel much better, two of which are listed below.

Get a Hot Tub

If you have the room, you should consider getting a hot tub. Sitting in the hot water can help increase circulation, which can soothe the joints and muscles in your knees. It can also help with knee flexibility and stiffness. A hot tub works much better than a regular bath tub because the water constantly stays at the right temperature.

There are different types of hot tubs you can purchase. If you do not want to spend a lot of money or install a hot tub permanently, there are above-ground hot tubs. These hot tubs are generally made from molded acrylic and ABS plastic or fiberglass. Wood or a type of durable synthetic surrounds the hot tub.

If you have a pool or a patio, you can install an in-ground hot tub. This is a permanent solution and will cost more money to have installed. These hot tubs are generally made of poured concrete with a tile overlay to make it look decorative.

Consider how many jets you want in the hot tub, as well as how many seats. What you can choose will depend on the size of hot tub you purchase.

Visit a Spa

If you do not want to purchase a hot tub, visit a spa in your area. The spa you visit may have a type of hot tub they use for hydrotherapy. This works much in the same way as sitting in your hot tub at home, but what they use may have stronger jets and will be much larger.

The spa may have massage therapists that can massage your knee for you. The pressure from the massage can help loosen up muscles and joints and relieve your pain. This is not a permanent treatment option, but it can help for a few days.

Some massage therapists also use hot stones along with hand massage. The hot stones are placed on your skin to help relax your knee muscles and relieve pain.

Ask the spa employees what else they can offer to you to help you with your knee pain due to arthritis. Discover more on this site.

If you continue to feel pain, see your doctor. They can likely give you some tips on how you can feel better. 


28 February 2017