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Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Asthma: Understanding This Tricky Balancing Act

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Asthma is a serious disease that impacts the lives of millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, asthma can be exacerbated by other personal-health concerns, such as weight gain. Understanding these problems can make it easier for a person to recover from them.

Weight Gain Can Lead to Later Asthma

Those who begin gaining weight later in life may develop symptoms of asthma that were not present when they were lighter. For many of these people, it is possible that they had very minor cases of asthma that were more easily managed or were ignored when they were younger. Obesity can increase the intensity of these symptoms and make them harder to manage.

However, obesity may also lead to the development of asthma, leading to shortness of breath and other serious health problems. As a result, it is important to focus on losing weight and getting back into shape. But how much can weight loss really help with asthma?

Losing Weight Can Help

Various studies have been undertaken to test whether or not losing weight can actually help with asthma symptoms. These studies were focused primarily on overweight and obese people who developed worsened asthma symptoms after weight gain. Most of these studies found that asthma control was significantly improved with weight loss.

However, the disease itself was not likely to go away when a person lost weight. So the situation was somewhat two-folded: while weight loss definitely helped manage symptom severity, it didn't eliminate the disease completely.

You Can Use Exercises to Help

Losing weight to manage asthma symptoms requires finding an exercise that works for a person's physical health. It's not wise to just jump into an exercise routine without suggestions from a professional trainer or doctor. However, the following exercises are simple enough for just about anybody to try:

  • Swimming—very low impact and calming to lungs due to the warm and moist air it generates
  • Walking—particularly on warmer and sunnier days
  • Yoga—relaxing on the body and mind and perfect for avoiding asthma attacks
  • Hiking—great for those who lack hay-fever allergies
  • Group Sports—playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and football with friends are all fun ways to lose weight

It is important to take an inhaler or other asthma-relief item to these events in order to avoid the dangers of serious asthma attacks. Carefully losing weight by exercising and eating a healthy diet may not eliminate asthma completely, but it can make those inhalers disappear from a person's life for extended periods of time. For more information, talk to your doctor.


19 January 2017