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Why You Should Invest In A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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Medical equipment can seem expensive for at-home use, but if you need to regularly check your blood pressure, a digital monitor is the way to go. While you could always master the manual method, digital monitors provide a myriad of benefits.

The Benefits Of Regularly Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

While most people won't need to regularly monitor their blood pressure at home, it is beneficial for those who have suffered from heart problems in the past, or who may have diabetes or kidney disease. These problems can increase blood pressure to a dangerous level and monitoring it can help keep you aware of the dangers.

Other people who benefit from this practice include pregnant women and those who typically suffer from high readings in a doctor's office. Many people get anxious in a doctor's office, and a reading at home may provide a more accurate understanding of your blood pressure.

Why Going Digital Is A Smart Move

While non-digital blood pressure monitors are still used by doctors around the world, digital monitors provide a more accurate reading that is easier for people at home to understand. You don't need to invest in a stethoscope or learn how to listen to your changing heartbeat as you apply pressure with a manual cuff.

Instead, all you need to do is strap the cuff around your arm properly and press a single button. This will automatically apply pressure to the cuff and take your reading quickly and easily. Even better, the machine will automatically adjust the pressure if necessary.

Using One Properly

After carefully fitting the cuff around your arm, you need to behave properly when taking your blood pressure. This is important as it will ensure your read-outs are accurate and precise. The following behavioral guidelines are simple to follow and easy to understand:

  • Stay still during the reading
  • Avoid exercise, drinking caffeine, or smoking within 30 minutes of your reading
  • Sit at a table with your back supported against a stiff chair
  • Keep your feet flat on the ground with your legs uncrossed
  • Support your arm on the table in a comfortable and relaxed position
  • Take at least two or three readings one minute apart to get an accurate range of readings

After you've taken all your readings, write them down in a blood pressure journal. This will help keep your readings in an easy-to-access area. It also helps make it easier to present your findings to your doctor, if necessary.

Medical equipment like digital blood pressure monitors are an important at-home device that are typically inexpensive and affordable for many people. Talk to your doctor about where to find one you can trust and whether or not your medical insurance will cover the purchase. You can also contact companies like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc.


30 November 2016