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First Pair Of Glasses? 4 Tips To Blend Your Child's Fashion Sense With Your Concerns About Their Vision

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The current fashion trends have made it easier to get kids to wear their glasses. In fact, your child was likely quite excited to hear that they needed corrective lenses. While your child is eager to pick out the coolest frames, you know that their glasses must be safe, comfortable, and durable enough to stand up to your child's active lifestyle. As you consider your options, keep these ideas in mind for finding a pair of lenses that will provide a happy compromise between fashionable and effective.

Choose the Right Material

Thank goodness the days of coke bottle glasses are over. Today, technology has made it possible to make thinner lenses that will not ride down your child's nose. Ideally, a child's lenses should be made from polycarbonate. This material is lighter so that a strong prescription is still comfortable for a child to wear, and it is strong enough to provide some protection from eye injuries.

Consider Outdoors Protection

Switching from glasses to sunglasses just makes kids have to keep up with one more thing. If your child spends a lot of time outdoors, consider getting photochromic lenses. These lenses automatically darken when they are exposed to sunlight, which allows your child to enjoy the comfort of reduced glare and strain on their eyes.

Search For the Right Frames

One of the best parts about getting eyeglasses is being able to pick out the frames. Your child may want to wear a pair like yours, or they may go for their favorite color. Either way, involve them in the choice, but do a little detective work of your own. Metal frames are trendy, and you can find ones today that are almost as durable as hard plastic. However, make sure the metal frames are hypoallergenic if your child has a nickel allergy.

Get a Backup Pair

Even with the most durable combination of frames and lenses, kids are hard on their glasses. They may forget them at a friend's house or break them during a sports game. Keeping a spare pair on hand protects their ability to see clearly, and it's a great way to compromise if you differ in option regarding the perfect set of new glasses.

Watching as a child puts on their glasses for the first time is exciting, since they often exclaim with joy about what they can now see with clear vision. By choosing the right pair of glasses, you can protect those precious eyes will giving your child the chance to show off their personal style. Contact a company like Eye And Laser Center Of Fort Collins to get started.


30 November 2016