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Getting Hearing Aids For The First Time? What You Should Know

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When you go in to the doctor to have your hearing checked, you may not expect to find out that you are suffering from hearing loss. Getting hearing aids may not have been in your plans. However, they can and will help you correct your hearing loss and be better able to interact with the world around you. Because this will be your first time getting hearing aids, you may not know what to expect from the process or what to expect once you begin wearing them. Get to know some of the facts about this process so that you can be prepared for what is to come with your journey with hearing aids.

Expect To Try Out Several Types Of Hearing Aids Before You Find The Right One

As you are getting ready to start wearing hearing aids, you and your doctor or audiologist will need to determine which type of hearing aid is going to best suit you and your needs. The process of finding the right hearing aids will be based on numerous factors including the extent of your hearing loss, your overall health, your budget, and your lifestyle.

You will be able to try on various types of hearing aids including those that fit behind the ear, just inside the ear, or deeper in the ear canal. It is important that the hearing aid you choose suits you and is easy for you to maintain. Because of this, carefully consider all factors before you choose the type of hearing aids you are going to stick with.

Things Will Sound Different Or Even Strange At First

Once you start wearing your hearing aids, expect that you will have to deal with some adjustments. Hearing aids amplify sound using electronic signals funneled through a speaker. Because of that, many sounds will be slightly different. Certain noises that you are used to hearing every day like the sound of your phone alerts, your heating or air conditioning turning on, and the like may sound slightly different. Do not be alarmed that your hearing aid is malfunctioning. It is just a normal part of the adjustment period.

Additionally, you will likely feel as if your own voice sounds strange when you are wearing the hearing aids. This is because of the sound amplification and will just take some getting used to during this initial adjustment period. Do not expect your hearing to be perfect and just like it was before, but it will be better and you will get used to your hearing aids with a little time and some minor adjustments to the volume.

Now that you know a few of the things you can expect when you are getting hearing aids for the first time, you can be sure that you are prepared for the process. For more information, contact local professionals like County Hearing And Balance.


7 October 2016