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Extend The Life Of Your Power Chair's Battery

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A power chair is an excellent mobility tool. However, if the chair's battery is dead – it's not quite as helpful. When the battery is dead you can't get around easily and safely. Learning how to extend the life of your battery is an excellent way to prevent this type of scenario. Here are just a handful of the ways in which you can extend your battery life.

Keep The Battery Clean

Keep the area around the battery clean. In excessive amounts, dust and dirt can block the terminal connectors that connect the battery to the charging component. A poor connection minimizes the rate at which the charger is able to deliver power to the battery. As a result, you will have to charge the battery for a longer period of time to get a full charge.

The longer you charge the battery, the greater the risk of the battery overheating and sustaining permanent damage. Additionally, dust and dirt can also get inside the battery and cause damage. Taking out the time to keep the area clean can help you avoid this.

Charge The Battery Often

There's the idea that it's best to charge a battery from a completely dead state. For example, instead of charging the battery daily, some people think it's a safer idea to wait until the battery is dead. This frame of mind can lead to battery damage.

As previously mentioned, the longer you charge the battery, the greater the risk of overhearing. A battery that is completely dead will take longer to charge than a battery that is only partially drained. It's best to charge your battery more often so that you don't have to charge it as long to reduce this risk.

Store Properly

Exercise caution when storing your power chair away. This is especially important if you don't use your chair on a regular basis. The most important thing to do is to avoid storing the chair in a part of your home that experiences temperature extremes, such as a non-climate controlled garage or basement.

Extreme cold can damage the internal connections of the battery and extreme heat can lead to moisture buildup inside the battery, both of which can lead to permanent damage. If you can't move the entire chair, at least remove the battery and store it in a climate-controlled area.

The more effort you put into caring for your power chair's battery, the longer it will last and the more use you can get out of your chair. Visit http://www.homemedix.com for more information.   


25 July 2016