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How Can Ultrasound Therapy Help Your Racehorse?

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When you own a large animal like a racehorse, it can be difficult to treat various health conditions on your own. That's why it's important to seek out medication and equipment that can help you take care of your horse. Ultrasound therapy is one of the ways you can help your horse with a number of physical ailments; if you don't know how a portable ultrasound machine can benefit your animal, take a look at the following conditions that could be eased with ultrasound therapy.   

Relieving Pain

Horses that run regularly can experience fatigue and pain in their muscles over time, making them unwilling to run and causing them discomfort even when walking. Luckily, ultrasound therapy can work to effectively soothe the pain that your race horse is feeling.

One of the reasons that ultrasound therapy is so effective at soothing pain is that the machine provides heat to deep tissue like ligaments and muscles without overheating the surface of the skin and making your horse uncomfortable. Just as you might apply heat to your aching back, being able to apply penetrating heat to your horse's aching body can make them feel better and help them to get back on their feet as soon as possible. Heat can also encourage better blood flow to the areas where your horse is hurting so that cell recovery can occur in the event of an injury.

Swelling can also cause a great deal of pain and less mobility for your horse; the heat from ultrasound therapy can help to soothe that pain and encourage healing. Another reason that ultrasound is so helpful to horses is that it can work to sedate nerve endings, which can ease acute pain.

Treating Arthritis

Just as people do, older racehorses can experience arthritis and chronic joint issues. In horses, arthritis can be degenerative and might end a horse's racing career. Luckily, ultrasound therapy can not only help relieve the pain of arthritis, but it can also decrease inflammation and decreased alteration of smooth cartilage with regular application of a few minutes each week. This may help slow degeneration and help your horse avoid joint disease.

Now that you understand the real benefits that your racehorse can experience from ultrasound therapy, ask your vet for more guidance and help in choosing a suitable ultrasound machine. They may recommend a Sonoscape A6V or another portable model that is affordable and effective.


9 June 2016