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Treating Your Child's Chronic Pain

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The last thing any parent wants is for their child to experience pain, let alone chronic pain. However, there are many children and adolescents that do suffer from chronic pain. Doctors in the field of pediatrics as well as other specialties often have a tough time identifying the exact causes of this pain which can make it challenging to treat properly. In spite of this trouble with diagnosis, there are many different treatment options available for chronic pain in children. If you have a child with chronic pain issues, get to know some of these treatments as well as what you should do to be sure that your child is getting the best care possible.

Make Sure Pain Management Is Emphasized Even When Seeking A Diagnosis

It can be easy for you and your child's doctors to become so focused on finding an answer to the question of what is causing your child's pain, that the management and treatment of that pain can often get overlooked. As such, you will need to be sure that you act as an advocate for your child in the area of pain management.

Keep the focus of treatment both on finding a cause and on making your child more comfortable in the meantime. This may require you to build a more widespread team of doctors for your child. Their general pediatrician may not be an expert in pain management techniques but an anesthesiologist or a doctor who specializes in the treatment in pain management will be able to work together with you and your child's other doctors to develop a plan for treatment.

Do Not Dismiss Cognitive Therapy Or Meditation Techniques! They May Help

When it comes to chronic pain, you may be quick to want to get your child on prescription medication that can completely mask or cover up their pain symptoms. However, because of the potentially addictive nature of prescription pain medications and the other effects that they may have on the body, many doctors prefer to try other pain management methods first.

Try not to be dismissive of some of these pain management techniques. Cognitive therapy (or cognitive behavioral therapy) is a treatment that can help your child deal with the social and psychological components of their pain and may help to reduce the severity of their pain symptoms and get them back to engaging in their normal daily activities. The mental management of pain and adjusting their reaction to pain is important in their recovery no matter what the underlying cause of their chronic pain turns out to be.

Meditation therapy is another pain management and coping technique that can assist your child in their reactions to pain and in being able to get through school and other activities without succumbing to their pain. Controlled and focused breathing can help them to refocus their mind and not let the pain take over. Focusing your child's mind on anything positive rather than on the physical pain they are experiencing is a useful technique in the treatment of childhood chronic pain.

Now that you know more about treating and managing your child's chronic pain, you can better take care of your child and give them the support they need to continue to go about their daily life. Visit a pediatrician like Ada Pediatrics PA for more information.


26 April 2016