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Preparing For Back Surgery Recovery

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If you are going to be going in to have major back surgery, then you want to be prepared for the recovery process. When it comes to the healing process, you should plan on a slow recovery and be prepared to follow the surgeon's orders with regards to resting and allowing yourself the proper time to heal. The advice in this article will help you to get all set up so you can heal at the proper pace which will help to prevent complications and problems that can lead to a longer healing process.

Get the proper tools ahead of time

You want to stock up on any of the tools you will need to help you to follow your post op instructions. Following a back surgery, you will need to refrain from bending. Therefore, a pick-up stick will prove to be an important tool in your back recovery arsenal since it offers you an extension with a grabber on the end that picks things up for you. You can also get a device that will help you hold the toilet paper so you don't have to twist and bend to clean yourself properly. Walkie talkies are also great so you can call for assistance from someone in your home without yelling.

Consider getting a wheelchair

You are going to have a hard time walking around for a while. Once you get to the point where you are well enough to leave the house, you may want to bring a wheel chair with you. This way, you have it there to fall back on if you find that you get too week or start hurting and need to sit while you are out.

Consider making changes to your bathroom

Walk-in tub – A walk-in tub can make it a lot easier for you to take a bath and it lessens the likeliness of you having an accident. While this may seem like a big change to make for a recovery from surgery, a walk-in tub is actually good for the long haul due to the benefits it has to offer. It gives you a comfortable seat to sit in. It also has a convenient door to walk through and a shower head you hold in your hand. Plus, you can get a model with jets in it that gives you a relaxing whirlpool bathing experience.

Toilet/bidet combo – A toilet/bidet combo makes it easier for you to take care of your cleaning needs after you use the toilet. When you have just had back surgery, even wiping yourself can be a chore. A toilet with a bidet feature will spray water that will clean you. Since it is a combination of them both, it won't take up any more room than your current toilet.

Consider following through with the advice here so you can enjoy an easier recovery time and won't use your back more than you should. Contact a business, such as Neergaard Pharmacies, for more information.   


29 February 2016