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Diabetes And Pregnancy: What You Should Know

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When you are planning to get pregnant or are trying to do so, one of the factors you should keep in mind is how your own health will affect your pregnancy and the health of your future baby as it grows inside of you. If you are diabetic, for example, this condition can have an impact on your pregnancy. It is important to understand the effects of diabetes on your future pregnancy as well as on your own personal health during pregnancy so that you can be prepared and take the proper precautions while pregnant. Get to know some of the important facts about diabetes and pregnancy and begin preparing yourself now.

Get Your Blood Glucose Levels Under Control Now

Diabetes is all about your blood sugar or blood glucose levels, and you are engaging in a struggle every day to keep those blood glucose levels from getting too high. However, this becomes even more important when you want to get pregnant.

The early weeks of pregnancy are when many of the baby's vital organs form, including the heart and brain. At this early stage, having high blood glucose can be seriously dangerous for your developing child and can result in serious physical and mental impairments or even miscarriage.

As such, you will want to contact your doctors and develop a plan to get your blood glucose consistently controlled before you conceive your child. This can take some time and may require you to make major changes in your eating and exercise habits as you are trying to get pregnant. However, the benefits of doing so far outweigh the sacrifices you may need to make.

Have All of Your Doctors Coordinate and Communicate During Pregnancy

Sometimes, if you talk to your doctor of obstetrics and then your endocrinologist during pregnancy about the same issue (ketone or blood glucose levels, for example), they will give you different or seemingly conflicting advice. In such cases, it can be very difficult for you to determine what your best course of action is.

Because of this, it is important to have your medical team communicate and coordinate with one another. Give your different doctors each other's contact information. Ask to have all test results that you receive from one doctor faxed or digitally sent to the other for review and consultation.

This coordination will ensure that your doctors work together to give you a comprehensive plan for managing your diabetes and having a healthy pregnancy. Do not hesitate to speak up in an appointment or ask that your other doctors be consulted when one recommends a course of treatment. A good doctor will not be offended and will be more than willing to do what it takes to ensure you and your baby are healthy during your pregnancy.

Now that you know more about dealing with diabetes and pregnancy, you can better prepare yourself for what is to come in the nine months you will be pregnant. Remember that you will want to get your blood glucose under control prior to conception if at all possible, and that you will need to be diligent about maintaining your blood glucose levels throughout your pregnancy. If you take these necessary steps, you and your baby will be healthy throughout and after your pregnancy.

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30 November 2015