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Three Wrist Exercises To Do Intermitently Throughout The Day Between Typing Sessions

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If your job has you sitting behind a desk and typing all day, you may find that your wrists get pretty stiff by the end of a shift. Simply "shaking it off" by flapping your hands around in the air only does so much to loosen them up and ease the pain. To truly prevent and ease soreness, try performing these three simple exercises intermittently throughout the workday.

Exercise 1: Ball grabs.

One of the reasons your wrists get so stiff is that you're holding them in one position. This exercise will put them through their range of motion while also engaging and loosening the muscles in the back of your hand. Place a tennis ball on the table, and then slowly wrap your hand around it. Pick it up, and then move your wrist, slowly, in a full circle. Put the ball back down, and repeat the exercise again. Doing 5 - 10 of these with each hand should be sufficient.

Exercise 2: Wrist curls.

This exercise will actually strengthen the muscles in your wrist and forearm, which should make them better equipped to handle the wear and tear you put them through during a workday. Stretch your arm out across a desk or table with your wrist and hand hanging over the edge. Your palm should be facing upwards. Grab a light dumbbell -- 1 to 2 pounds is sufficient -- and hold it in the palm of your hand. Curl your wrist, bringing the dumbbell towards your forearm. Then, straighten your wrist again. Repeat this exercise 8 - 10 times per wrist. Over time, slowly increase the weight of the dumbbell so you continue to challenge your muscles.

Exercise 3: Patty cake.

This is a fun little exercise you can do with no equipment and just a few seconds of time. It's similar to a game you may have played as a child. Clap your hands together in front of you (it's okay to do this quietly if you're in an office) and then turn your wrists 90 degrees so your palms re facing down. Then gently slap your thighs with your palm. Bend your wrists again, and clap in front of your body again. Keep alternating between clapping and slapping your thighs until you feel the motion becoming easier as your wrists loosen up.

A little wrist soreness is normal if you spend all day typing. With these exercises, you should be able to alleviate mild soreness. If the soreness persists or becomes unbearable, contact a physical therapist such as Peak Physical Therapy of Brooklyn. He or she can determine which tissues are most irritated in your wrists and prescribe specific exercises to help strengthen and stretch them.  


13 July 2015