Understanding The Value Of Acne Treatments

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3 Tips for Preparing Your Elderly Parent's Home for an Oxygen Tank


Do you have an elderly parent who has recently been prescribed an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator? While oxygen devices can provide a valuable service in helping your parent stay in their home, the devices also present some unique challenges. First, they heighten the risk of a fire. Any time there is a heightened level of oxygen in the air, the risk of fire usually increases. The devices also make your parents more dependent on electricity, as a power outage would likely shut down the concentrator or ventilator. With some proper planning, though, you can make your parent's home safe for them to easily use their new device.

Make it clear that flames are not permitted. Anyone who enters your parent's home should be very aware that there is an oxygen device in use and that flames could be very dangerous. Put signs up on all of the doors that say that no smoking is allowed. Also, post signs that prohibit the use of flammable spray products, such as some forms of cleaners and beauty products. This is especially important if your parent has a lot of visitors, like cleaning help, family, and friends.

Rearrange the appliances. Your parent may have a portable oxygen tank or concentrate that they pull with them as they move. While this can make mobility very easy, it can also make for some new challenges. The primary one is that you don't want the tank getting near extremely hot appliances, primarily an open oven. You may need to rearrange your parent's kitchen so they have a wide enough berth to get around the oven when it is on. If possible, you may want to arrange it so your parent doesn't have to use the oven at all. Think about having prepared meals delivered so your parent avoids the temptation to do their own cooking.

Ensure that the power supply stays on. Depending on the type of device your parent has, the power supply may be crucial. If they're using refillable tanks, they may not depend on the power supply so much. However, if they're using a concentrator or stationary ventilator, then they'll likely need constant power. Getting a backup generator may be a good idea to keep the power on in case of an outage. Also, contact their power company and let them know about your parent's situation. They may be able to list the house as a priority in case of an outage so that your parent's home gets immediate attention.

For more information, talk to your device supplier. They can give you more tips on how to keep your parent safe and healthy. For more information about medical equipment and supplies, visit websites like http://cornermedical.com/.


17 June 2015