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Choose Reading Glasses From Your Optometrist Instead Of The Drug Store

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If everything is blurry when you read a book, the newspaper, your favorite recipe, or a menu at restaurants, it is time for some glasses. You can purchase reading glasses at most drug stores. You can also purchase your glasses from an optometrist. Below are reasons why seeing a doctor is a better option for you.

Get the Right Prescription

When you walk into a drug store and look at the rack with the variety of reading glasses on it, you will notice there are numbers on them, such as +129 or -78. These numbers represent the different strengths of the lenses. You will have to try on several pairs to find the ones that correct your vision.

The problem with this is you will likely choose the wrong strength, and if your eyes get accustomed to seeing through lenses of that strength, it will take your eyes longer to adjust.

Purchase Glasses

When your vision changes in any way, you should see an eye doctor for an examination to make sure there are no medical reasons why this is happening. When everything is fuzzy when you look down, this is usually caused by an eye condition called presbyopia. You can have this problem even if you have correct vision when you look straight ahead.

Visit your eye doctor to purchase your glasses so you can get the right lens strength.

Get Bifocals

In most cases, your doctor will prescribe bifocals for you. The lenses on bifocals are different than traditional glasses.  For example, if you see 20/40 when looking straight ahead, the top lens will correct that vision.  If you see 20/80 when you look down, the bottom part of the lenses corrects the vision.

It takes time to get use to these glasses. When looking down something, and then looking up at a different strength lens, it takes your brain a few seconds to get used to the adjustment. The same things happen when you look side to side. Do not worry, however, as in a few weeks you will become adjusted to your new glasses and have no problems with them.

Choose Contact Lenses

If you do not want to wear glasses, talk with your doctor about getting some bifocal contact lenses. These contact lenses work much in the same way as a bifocal glass lens. There are different types your doctor may choose for you including:

Alternating Bifocal:  This type of contact lens is much like your regular bifocal eyeglass lens in that there is different strength at the top, and a different strength at the bottom.

Concentric Ring: This type of lens has rings that go around it to correct your vision instead of one strength at the bottom and one at the top.

Your eye doctor will tell you the best type of contact lens that is for you. Once you get them or bifocal eyeglasses, you will be amazed at how much better you will see. You can take a look at some eyeglasses at a site like http://www.spectacleshoppe.biz/ to get an idea of what type of style you prefer.


24 March 2015