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3 Ways To Keep Your Child's School Uniforms Looking Clean And Bright


One of the best things about wearing uniforms at school is that your child never really has to think about what to put on each day. The downside is that uniforms are worn day after day and week after week, and they do not look very good after a while.

Air Dry

First, never put the clothes in the dryer no matter how much easier it makes ironing. Air drying the clothes will allow the colors to stay as bright and as crisp as possible. 

Also, make sure that you wash on a cold cycle so that the colors do not fade. Any type of heat will make colors fade, and the fabrics will get worn more easily.

When you air dry, try to keep the clothes in a normal temperature area because a cold area will cause the clothes to stay damp, and they can even possibly smell weird.


Second, clean your child's clothes with vinegar at least once or twice a month when you put them in the washer. Vinegar not only preserves the colors, but it can also remove stains from sweat and deodorant.

Fill the detergent container with vinegar to the proper line, and this will get the job done. You do not need regular detergent at all unless you are afraid that your child's clothes will just smell like vinegar. In that case, do half and half so that the smell is not so overwhelming.

Even if the clothes smell like vinegar after being washed, the smell should fade as they air dry and as they are worn for a few hours. Using vinegar is inexpensive and will definitely help you to maintain the school uniforms so that you do not have to buy more throughout the year.

Steam Cleaning

Lastly, steam cleaning is another great way to maintain your child's clothing. You do not need to steam clean them every time, but you can use this method alternately with washing them. 

When you steam clean, the steam will kill the germs instantly and will make the clothes fresh again. While there is some heat involved, the clothes are only under the heat for a few seconds, so it should not make the color fade much at all.

This will also get rid of the need to iron the clothes, so you can cut down your washing and ironing time with this cleaning method.

By doing these three things, your child's school uniforms will stay bright and crisp for the entire school year. 


27 January 2015