Understanding The Value Of Acne Treatments

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2 Things To Think About Before You Buy Designer Eyeglasses


If you wear glasses, you might anxiously await the start of a new insurance calendar year so that you can buy a new pair of frames. After being tossed on your nightstand and mishandled by your kids for several months, those old frames might be less than pristine. However, before you run to the optometrist and start perusing those designer frames, you should think about these two things:

1: Seasonality

As you go through the year, you might buy a new pair of jeans here and there or switch out your shoes. However, eyeglasses are different. Because most people wear eyeglasses for several months or even years, those frames will need to look as nice with shorts as they do with your favorite wool blazer. However, because fashion designers create new collections for each season, you need to watch out for seasonal trends.

For example, designers might decide to incorporate patterns like plaid or houndstooth into a frame design for their fall or winter collection. Unfortunately, although that cozy pattern might look great in the dead of a snowstorm, it could seem out of place during the warm season. As you shop, look for designer frames that will look great during any time of year. Stay away from resort collections, which could make you look like you are perpetually on vacation.

2: Personal Style

Nothing is more exciting than gold accents or a bold pattern. You might imagine yourself toting those incredible frames with your favorite outfit, or showing them off to all of your friends. However, before you decide to rock a pair of trendy designer frames, it is important to carefully consider your personal style. Here are a few tips for finding glasses that you will love forever:

  • Sisters, Not Twins: Those eyeglasses might be the perfect compliment for one outfit you have in mind, but how will they work with your normal everyday attire? As you choose glasses, think sisters, not twins. Don't choose a pair to compliment one specific outfit. Instead, look for a set that will relate well to each element of your wardrobe, so that your glasses don't end up looking out of place.
  • Statement Piece: If you are lucky, your insurance might pay for two sets of eyeglasses every year. If you really want to make a statement, consider buying one bold set, and a conservative version to wear to work.

Choosing your glasses carefully might help you to meld your new purchase with your personal style, and keep them from looking dated later. To learn more, contact a company like Spectacles of Naples with any questions you have.


7 January 2015